Poultry Farming Business

Last updated on: 16 June, 2014 by Musa Kurhula Baloyi

Chicken Run

We spent at least R20,000, or up to R30,000 to have the chicken run set up. We paid for labour, construction material as well as utensils and other equipment for the interior. This, however, turned out to be cheaper than buying a full installation from a vendor.

From Chicks to Chickens

When we started out we bought 300 day-old chicks. Little did we know that these little things eat too much! The costs on feed were too much to bear but we persevered. We lost about 5 due to unforeseen deaths.

After a few weeks of tending to them, they grew so well and so fast. Within 3 weeks they looked like this:

Sale and Profit

With proper feeding according to their age we were able to sell around 200 (or two thirds) between the sixth and seventh week. The issue was having to feed them after this period when they are fully-grown. If we had bought them for their eggs this would not have been an issue. Most of the profit was eaten up by extra time spent in our care. However, we made enough to be able to buy new stock of day-old chicks.