Last updated on: April 29, 2015 by Musa Kurhula Baloyi

I have had a couple of failed attempts at business. Some of them were childish and naive, really. I sometimes wonder how I ever thought they could have worked. But I keep dreaming and trying, trying and learning, staying up and daydreaming. To me entrepreneurship is more about being enterprising. An enterprising person takes opportunities in front of them and makes the best of them. They also create opportunities. So this is a manner of living, versus a scheme to make money. Money is only one resource that we need to survive. There is time and relationships that are also very important. Make all these things work for you and you satisfy my definition of enterprising. Lately I've been drawn to making money without lifting a finger, by investing in businesses that will take care of the operations. As a beginner you want to run your own operations, until you realise that you can't.