Last updated on: March 29, 2020 by Musa Kurhula Baloyi

Work experience

  • Graduate, IT Specialist, Information Management Technical Consultant, Research Intern @IBM
  • Graduate Software Developer, Consultant Developer, Senior Developer @ThoughtWorks
  • Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer, Fraud Data Analyst @Standard Bank
  • Lead Data Engineer, Lead Developer @Differential Capital

Lecturing, teaching and tutoring

Formal education

  • BSc Computer Science and Statistics @University of Limpopo
  • Higher Diploma in Computer Science @Wits University
  • BScHons in Computer Science @Wits University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematical Sciences @African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) & @University of Cape Town(UCT)
  • MSc in Engineering (Information) by Research @Wits University [in progress]

Industry certifications

  • International Computer Driving License from ICDL SA
  • IBM Information Management Optim Technical Sales Mastery Test from IBM
  • M40 IBM Information Management InfoSphere Warehouse Technical from IBM
  • M45 IBM Information Management DB2 Technical Mastery v2 from IBM

Tools, languages and platforms

  • Scientific Packages: R, SciPy, Scilab, Sage, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS, Latex, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, Java, many JavaScript frameworks, etc.
  • Web Frameworks: Django, Rails, Flask, Sinatra, Spring, Express, etc.
  • DB Management Systems: MySQL, DB2, Postgres, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, other Linux distros
  • Virtual Environments: Vagrant, VM Ware, Docker, OpenStack, Ansible, etc.
  • Deployment Platforms: AWS EC2, Digital Ocean, Jenkins, Heroku, CloudFormation, etc.

Business imperatives / Technology stacks

  • Web Scraping: Python, requests, BeautifulSoup, Selenium, Firefox, Chrome, site map, robots.txt, JavaScript
  • PDF Scraping: AWS Textract, pytesseract, OpenCV, pdf2txt
  • Data Engineering: HortonWorks Data Platform, HortonWorks Data Flow, SMACK stack, Elastic stack
  • Project Management: Atlassian
  • Data Science: Anaconda, pandas, scikit-learn, Kaggle
  • Chatbots: IBM BlueMix, IBM Cloud, Watson Conversation API, Watson Assistant API, Python, JSON, dialog, Google DialogFlow
  • Algorithmic Trading: Python, Bloomberg API, Bloomberg EMSX, quantopian, zipline
  • Web Development: LAMP, MEAN

New ventures

  • TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, neural networks
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality
  • Unity, game development
  • Mobile development, iOS, Android
  • SEO